a group of tables and chairs outside
a group of tables and chairs outside

Indian Wells Venues

Innovate & Celebrate

Truly remarkable moments don’t just simply unfold on their own. They require a setting that beautifully blends inspiration, innovation, and celebration. Whether you’re planning a meeting for the C-suite or a grand wedding that exceeds every imagination, let our Indian Wells venues be the first step to unforgettably significant milestones.

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Venue Spaces

Fireside Garden

2,200 Sq. Ft.

Set the mood for a uniquely intimate, cozy cocktail hour, networking event, or private meal for up to 40 guests. In addition to its expansive open-air atmosphere, the Fireside Garden features family-style dining tables, lounge seating, a fire pit, and an outdoor chef’s oven.

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a group of tables and chairs outside

Indian Wells Ballroom

20,000 Sq. Ft.

Welcome to where the most memorable occasions are written. Offering an impressive layout, as well as 24-foot ceilings and modern decor, the Indian Wells Ballroom is the epitome of excellence—an unrivaled setting for company-wide celebrations, grand weddings, and elevated galas.

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a large room with rows of red chairs and a screen

Desert Vista Ballroom

7,539 Sq. Ft.

Settle into this expansive space and make the most of its versatile layout by dividing it into separate sections for intimate sessions or productive breakout sessions. The Indian Wells ballroom is situated nearby and can easily be accessed through pre-function hallways.

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a room with red chairs and a stage with blue curtains

Indian Wells Conference Center

20,000 Sq. Ft.

Easily accessible via the main lobby and conveniently located near our restaurants and lounge, this collection consists of breakout rooms and a small ballroom for scaled-down events.

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a room with tables and chairs

Grand Salon Ballroom

6,048 Sq. Ft.

The Grand Salon Ballroom hosts intimate affairs and extravagant receptions alike with style and sophistication. The adjacent foyer joins indoor and outdoor together with seamless access to an expansive terrace that looks out to the golf course.

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a room with tables and chairs

The Hibiscus & Gardina Terraces

1,599 Sq. Ft.

Enjoy the best of both worlds: formal indoor and relaxed al fresco space. Towering palm trees and stunning mountains serve as the perfect backdrop for unforgettable occasions.

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a patio with tables and chairs

The Verbena Terrace

3,084 Sq. Ft.

Situated underneath strings of bistro lights and overlooking the 10th fairway of the Clive Clark-designed golf course, The Verbena Terrace comfortably welcomes up to 75 guests for dinner and 100 for a cocktail event. This space also boasts a fireplace to keep everyone warm during the winter months.

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406 Sq. Ft.

Get down to business—executive retreats, shareholder meetings, key interviews, and more—with up to 20 of your closest colleagues in one of our three boardrooms. Each one seamlessly leads out to a secluded terrace for coffee breaks and afternoon snacks.

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The Cove Lawn

9,290 Sq. Ft.

The Cove Lawn truly creates an atmosphere for dreams to come to life with its private wedding gazebo, vistas of the San Jacinto Mountains, sparkling lake, and palm-tree canopy for up to 250 esteemed guests.

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a group of tables and chairs outside

The 18th Lawn

3,600 Sq. Ft.

Golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike will fall in love with this unique space—nestled on cool green turf and peering out to the 18th fairway, a lake, and a waterfall. Invite up to 120 guests for a banquet or expand your list a little more for a polished cocktail reception.

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a group of white chairs in a grassy area with trees and a body of water in the background

The Grove

8,390 Sq. Ft.

Whether your celebration takes place in the sunshine or beneath the stars, this tranquil venue with its view of Mount Eisenhower will impress all in attendance. Gather up to 800 for a reception or 600 for a banquet.

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a pathway with rows of chairs and tables on it

The Courtyard

A stunning backdrop of beautiful mountains, lush greenery, and wildflower lawn make this a dream worthy setting to promise forever.

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a large green field with tables and chairs and trees

The 18th Terrace

2,100 Sq. Ft.

Giving way to pristine views of the golf course’s final fairway, The 18th Terrace neighbors the Indian Wells Ballroom and can seamlessly accommodate up to 200 guests for a reception, banquet, or midsize gathering.

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Capacity Chart

Room NameRoom Dimensions
L x W x H
Room Size
BanquetReceptionTheaterClassroomBoardroomU-ShapeHollow SquareExhibit
Grand Salon Ballroom96' x 63' x 12'6,048350600600350--15029
ABCDE or DEFGH64' x 63' x 12'4,032240400400240--15020
ABCD or EFGH63' x 48' x 12'3,02418030030018060707515
ABC or FGH63' x 32' x 12'2,016902002009040425010

A, B, C, F, G or H

(1 Section)

32' x 21' x 12'67230606030202020-
Grand Salon Foyer92'6" x 23'9" x 12'2,113-160------
Hibiscus41' x 39' x 12'1,59980150100602538427
A or B39' x 20'6" x 12'79930756030181820-
Terrace50.4' x 15.38'7754080------
Gardenia41' x 39' x 12'1,59980150100602538427
A or B39' x 20'6" x 12'79930756030181820-
Terrace50.4' x 15.38'7754080------
Sunset Room53' x 22' x 8.4'1,66660708040181818-
Sunrise Terrace28' x 56'1,5686080--18---
Villa Boardrooms (3)
Capri29' x 14' x 12'406----12---
Bianca, Olivo29' x 14' x 12'40620404018181414-
Villa Terraces29' x 14' x 12'4063040------
Outdoor Venues
Main Pool-21,8508001,000------
Upper Pool Deck-1,500300500------
Verbena Terrace-3,084170300------
The 18th Terrace70' x 30'2,100120200------
The 18th Lawn-3,600200200------
The Cove-9,290170250------
The Grove Collection-8,390550800------
The Grove 1-4,100350400------
The Grove 2-4,290200400------
Fireside Garden-2,2004070------
The Courtyard Lawn----------
Fairway Terrace-2,35070100------
Conference Center
Indian Wells Ballroom
Full Ballroom105' x 190' x 24'20,0001,2002,0002,0001,200---96
L, M (1 Section)105' x 42' x 24'4,410260400400260---22
I, K, N, P (1 Section)53' x 37' x 24'1,96110017017090364048-
J, O (1 Section)53' x 31' x 24'1,6438015015070263640-
Half Ballroom105' x 95' x 24'10,0006001,0001,000600---49
IJK/NOP105' x 53' x 24'5,565300450450340-9310826
LM105' x 84' x 24'8,820520800800520---40
IJ / JK / NO / OP69' x 53' x 24'3,65718032032016066907217
IJKLM / LMNOP105' x 137' x 24'14,3858601,4401,440910---67
North Foyer122' x 14'1,708-150------
South Foyer122' x 12'1,464-150------
East Foyer152' x 16'2,432-250------
Planner Office 3101-400-------
IWCC Offices 1 & 2-110-----
Desert Vista Ballroom
Full Ballroom119'8" x 63' x 18'7,539450800750450---33
AB, DE63' x 48' x 18'3,02420032030020060709015
ABC, CDE71'8" x 63' x 18'4,515250480450250-7010021
A48' x 31'6" x 18'1,51210020018090303240-
B48' x 31'6" x 18'1,51210020018090303240-
C64' x 23'8" x 18'1,491801301308030---
D48' x 31'6" x 18'1,51210020018090303240-
E48' x 31'6" x 18'1,51210020018090303240-
Desert Vista Foyer96' x 20'1,920-200------